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2016-05-22 Having A Purposeful Life with Mark Aardsma on Mastering Your Money Radio Show

Mark Aardsma

I think everyone wants to have a purposeful life.  A family, job and life you love.   Many people are not living a life they love.  They hate their job, frustrated with their family and not living a life they love.  In the next 28 minutes we will show you how to have purposeful life.

Joining us for our discussion on Having A Purposeful Life is Mark Aardsma who is calling in from his _Campagin Ill Office .  Mark Aardsma is an entrepreneur, investor, and business coach. In the last ten years i’ve started three businesses. One that introduced me to the wonderful opportunity of entrepreneurship in america. And two that i am very grateful to have led from initial concepts to multi-million dollar businesses. His current companies specialize in acoustic panels and online projector, video camera, and lens rentals..   His latest book is “Investing With Purpose: Capitalize On The Time And Money You Have To Create The Tomorrow You Desire”  

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