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2016-07-24 True Wealth With Michael Kay & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Michael Kay 

Michael Kay Interview- True Wealth Show: 

Is feeling rich about “stuff” and “things” or money in the bank? Is it about a new car or a plan for tomorrow? Is it about those you love and the security and comfort of knowing that you are moving toward—and not away from—your life’s riches?  I have found that stuff does not make you happy but some of us spend a lot of time buying stuff to substitute for happiness.

Joining us for our discussion on True Wealth is Michael Kay, CFP who is calling in from his Livingston, NJ office . Michael F. Kay is a Certified Financial Planner®, author and speaker on personal finance and financial life planning. He is the author of two books (The Feel Rich Project and The Business of Life) and he speaks and delivers workshops across the U.S.  His latest book, The Feel Rich Project, is about transforming your relationship with money—reaching clarity on what matters most and developing a personal plan to reach it.

He is the President of Financial Life Focus and a regular contributor to Forbes and Psychology Today. 

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