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2016-09-18 Follow Your Gut with Lynn A. Robinson & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radi

Lynn Robinson

Lynn Robinson Interview - Follow Your Gut:

The business world is being forced to change. Old practices and habits will not stand up in the current climate. Understanding how to navigate the transition can be tricky. Intuition can guide individuals and businesses through transitions, crises, staff changes, relationship changes, and more.

Intuition — one of the fastest-spreading buzzwords in business — has become increasingly important to decision makers who are faced with the challenge of conflicting or inconclusive information.

“Intuition is an inner compass that we all possess and that guides us unerringly to the realization of our hopes and dreams
In businesses big and small, making decisions comes with the territory. But, how do you routinely make decisions that enhance, not diminish, the bottom line?

Joining us for our discussion on Follow Your Gut is Lynn A. Robinson who is calling in from her Mashpee MA office .  Robinson is the author of seven books on intuition. She has an international reputation as an inspirational speaker, and a gift for making an esoteric topic practical, interesting and down-to- earth. Put Your Intuition to Work has an uplifting message and powerful advice for anyone interested in supercharging their inner wisdom to make great decisions..” 
Her latest book is Put Your Intuition To Work: How To Supercharge Your Inner Wisdom To Think Fast and Make Great Decisions .

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