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Could Consulting Increase Your ROL? Thumbnail

Could Consulting Increase Your ROL?

What are some consulting options?


Expert Witness

Connect with organizations like American Medical Forensic Specialists and make yourself available for court cases and other legal matters that need a professional's opinion.


Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technology

When medical supply companies introduce new medicines, technology, or techniques, they often seek third-party input from a professional who can provide opinions on things like efficacy or workflow integration.




Medical Writing

If you enjoy reading and writing about your industry, pitch to medical or dental journals to see if there might be an opportunity for you to be a regular contributor.


Pharmaceutical Research

Assist in trials of new medicines or ongoing studies.


Administration or Management

Are you the office's go-to person for administrative tasks? Keep building those skills and you might balance seeing patients with helping the business grow. This could be especially valuable if you aspire to opening your own practice later in your career.


Peer Review

Establish yourself as an independent contractor who can help hospitals and offices review staff performance and the quality of care that they provide.



If money really isn't a motivating factor, contact local schools, hospitals, free clinics, and other medical facilities that serve those in need and ask how you can help.


How can consulting ease my transition into retirement?


Many retirees experience a profound loss of identity when they stop working. That experience can be even more difficult for medical professionals. But if you've laid the groundwork for a second act, you can ease into retirement without leaving "doctor" behind. Consulting work can also help you fill blank spots in your new retirement schedule when you're not travelling, spending time with loved ones, or enjoying your favorite hobbies. You might even decide to start your own consultancy firm as a retirement project.


In the near-term, taking a side job when you're already bringing home a good paycheck can affect your financial planning. Let's meet to review your plan and your goals for any additional work you're considering before or during retirement.