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The Explosion In Real Retail Sales You Never Hear About

The Explosion In Real Retail Sales You Never Hear About

What’s happening in the world often goes unnoticed, even when it occurs in plain sight right before our eyes.  

That’s happening to investors right now with the explosion in the growth of retail sales that’s been under way for years, but has gone unnoticed.  

The boom is being muted by inflation, but is loud and clear with that adjustment.

Since consumers account for 70% of U.S. growth, retail sales is a key driver of the economy, so this is a big miss, a big misperception for investors to make.

These were the top stories on Google the day after the latest retail sales figures were released by the U.S. Census Bureau. 

The headlines show retail sales were up, but there’s no hint of the boom. 

Yet, when adjusted for inflation, retail sales have grown explosively for years!

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