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2019-01-06 Are You A Henry? High Earning Not Rich Yet with Pamela Danizer & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Pamela Danizer

Are You A Henry?  High Earning Not Rich Yet

For the foreseeable future, millennial Henry's (High Earners Not Rich Yet) will be the consumers that every brand manager, marketer and retail executive will need to know well.  There are 15 qualities and types of luxury that appeal to these younger trend-setting HENRY shoppers and gives examples of products and brands that have tuned into these new approaches to luxury. 

Here are THREE to consider:

Luxury of Performance -- TAG Heuer watch advertising has a new branding tagline, “Don’t Crack Under Pressure,” and its alignment with youth-skewing celebrity icons.  
Luxury of Simplicity -- Personal care and beauty brand Kiehl’s sells simplicity itself – simple product, simple ingredients, simple packaging – and extraordinary results. It’s prominent “since 1851” heritage says a brand that has been around that long must be doing it right. Kiehl’s simplifies its packaging and presentation elegantly. 

Anti-Status Luxury -- As a brand, Jeep defines its promise as “Vehicles enabling life’s extraordinary journeys.” It explains its goal to: “Provide vehicles that support a lifestyle of boundless freedom, responsible adventure, and are reliable, safe, fun and environmentally friendly.” Jeep is an experiential brand that most especially takes its owners outdoors, rather than to the grocery store or mall.

Joining us for our discussion on Are You A Henry?  High Earning Not Rich Yet   is Pamela Danizer who is calling in from her Pennsylvania Office.  Pamela Danizer is a speaker, author, and market researcher.  She is internationally recognized for her expertise on the world’s most influential consumers: the American Affluent, including the Henry's (high-earners-not-rich-yet) mass affluent.  As founder of Unity Marketing in 1992, Pam leads with research to provide brands with actionable insights into the minds of their most profitable customers.   Her latest book is “Meet the Henry's: The millennial that Matter Most for Luxury Brands”.

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