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2019-03-17 Human Capital  with  Jane Finkle & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio  Thumbnail

2019-03-17 Human Capital with Jane Finkle & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Jane Finkle

Human Capital

Are you ready to change your life? The most powerful capital any of us possess is our Human Capital.  So what do Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Marissa Mayer, and Bill Gates all have in common beside being wildly successful? They are all introverts but they master use their human capital.  Experts say some of the most successful business people are introverts.   “Introversion is not a negative quality. We must all learn to embrace our introverted qualities, but also figure out how to sprinkle in some extrovert skills to move beyond our comfort zone and succeed in today’s workplace.”  Our guest urges everyone to realize that their capabilities – thoughtful concentration, problem solving abilities, keen observation, excellent listening skills which great human capital skills and are extremely valuable in the workplace.  The challenge is that introverts struggle most with self-promotion, taking the risk of revealing oneself, speaking up in meetings and networking events, being forceful in meetings and therefore an introvert’s valuable qualities often get overlooked in the extrovert’s world.

Joining us for our discussion on Human Capital  is  Jane Finkle who is on the phone from her office in Philadelphia PA.  Jane Finkle has 25 years of experience as a career coach for universities and has run her own career counseling firm since 2002. Prior to founding her practice, Finkle served as Associate Director of Career Services at the University of Pennsylvania, where she designed and administered career programs, developed resources, and provided career counseling and advice on employment trends for students and alumni of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Wharton School. She created and led the “Wharton Career Discovery” seminar and served as liaison to recruiters from major corporations. Finkle is a member of the National Career Development Association, Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association, and served on the Board of Dress for Success-Philadelphia. Finkle wrote a weekly column, “Career Blueprints”, for Abington Patch and has been published in the Huffington Post and Adirondack Life. She resides in Philadelphia, PA. She is the author of Introvert’s Complete Career Guide.

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