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2019-03-31 Millennial's and Money with  Conor Richardson & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio Thumbnail

2019-03-31 Millennial's and Money with Conor Richardson & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Coner Richardson

Millennial's and Money

There seems to be an element of inevitability in the way our lives play out. The success sequence of previous generations—spouse, house, kids, and lifelong careers—is broken. The slow decay of this success sequence has crept its way into our daily life, and by osmosis, our financial expectations. A collision of economic and cultural systemic problems has reached a tipping point, brought on by stagnant incomes, exacerbating credit card debt, astronomical student loans, ridiculous housing prices, and low retirement savings. These trends have sadly become the new normal, especially for Millennial's.  Over half of Millennial's are freaked out by their finances. Adopting the right mental outlook and behaviors needed to turn your finances around will pay for itself tenfold. This success will increase your self-confidence, enhance your decision making, and expand your career choices.”

Joining us for our discussion on Millennial's and Money  is  Conor Richardson who is on the phone from his office in Austin Texas.  CONOR RICHARDSON, CPA, is the founder of MillennialMoneyMakeover.com, where he helps Millennial's master essential money matters. Richardson began his career in New York City, working in finance and accounting and running his own businesses. Richardson's business experience ranges from working with early-stage startups to publicly traded companies. He has been featured in Fox Business, The Washington Post, and more. Richardson received his Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from the University of Georgia and earned a Master of Accounting and Professional Consultancy from Villanova University. He currently lives in Austin, Texas.. He is the author of Millennial Money Makeover. Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Conor Richardson.

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