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2019-05-12 Women In Tech  with Anna P. Murray & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio  Thumbnail

2019-05-12 Women In Tech with Anna P. Murray & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio


Anna Murray

Women In Tech 

Women can lean in and find mentors, and education can push STEM. But the only effective way to remove the countless hurdles facing women is for companies to wake up — and make a commitment to fixing themselves. Women face obstacles in all industries, from the entry-level to C-Suite. Tech is exhibit “A” in the corporate failure to hire and promote them, with discrimination lawsuits continuing to mount. But any industry that wants to fix its gender bias has to first stop giving itself a free pass or hiding behind stated intentions that have no practical application. Instead, it’s time to evaluate — and then adopt — specific procedures and programs designed to hire and support women.

Innovation and business success depend on a diverse workforce. But women are getting a short shrift. Advice books tell women it’s up to them, but it’s not: there are countless women in business with a whole array of mentors who are still prevented from climbing the ladder. If companies don’t take the initiative and shift the burden off of women, their gender imbalance isn’t going to change.   It’s the firms themselves that hire — and that’s where the responsibility lies to increase the hiring and promotion of women.

Joining us for our discussion on Women In Tech  is Anna P. Murray  who is calling in from her New York City Office.  Anna P. Murray is one of an extraordinarily rare species—a woman who owns and runs a successful software development company. She is the author of several books, most recently the critically acclaimed The Complete Software Project Manager (Wiley, 2016), and is a nationally recognized technology consultant, speaker and blogger. Her articles and columns have appeared in several on-line and print.  Following a successful career in education and multimedia publishing, she foresaw the world-changing impact of the internet and the world-wide-web and founded emedia in 1996.  

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