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2019-06-02 Your Financial Health Thumbnail

2019-06-02 Your Financial Health

Ed Fulbright

Your Financial Health

Do you ever find yourself wondering where all your money went at the end of the month?  Have you overspent on groceries, missed a mortgage payment, or let a potentially lucrative investment opportunity fall through the cracks?

Living well means knowing your numbers. Your doctor, for example, tracks your blood pressure to make sure you'll keep on living. Your mechanic checks your tire pressure to make sure you'll keep on driving.  Knowing your numbers helps you make better day-to-day decisions that can have a positive influence on your health and well-being. Should you order fries with lunch… or salad? Drive another 100 miles… or pull over? Your financial health depends on numbers, too. Tracking a few key stats can help you determine whether you're saving enough for retirement, using credit wisely, or investing appropriately for your long-term goals. At MasteringYourMoney.com, we have a free E-book on 21 Key Stats For Tracking Your Financial Health.

Joining us for this discussion on Your Financial Health  is  Markeith Gentry who is the station’s public affairs manager and makes sure Mastering Your Money is available to our listeners.  

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