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AI and Martial Arts With PJ Caldas and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

PJ Caldas   

According to a Pew Research Center's 2022 report,* 75% of Americans would be "somewhat or very concerned" if AI could know their thoughts and behaviors.   With tech and finserv focused increasingly on AI, data scraping, and more, it is easy to forget how this type of client insight might impact the advisor-client relationship.


  Joining us for our discussion on AI and Martial Arts is PJ Caldas PJ CALDAS was picked by the Dictionary of Literary Biography as one of the most important Brazilian writers of the 21st century. He has published four books inspired by the mythology carried to Brazil by the African diaspora, and reached the top five bestselling titles multiple times. Caldas is also a martial artist with 40 years of experience in combat sports, including kempo, karate, wing chun, tai chi, boxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu. He currently works in New York City and lives in Connecticut., The Girl From Wudang