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Are You Ready To Be A Founder with Ryan Frederick and Ed Fulbright, CPA, PFS on Mastering Your Money Radio

Ryan Frederick

Not everyone is cut out to start a business. In fact, starting a company is an irrational act. Most successful Founders bring a unique combination of drive, determination, product knowledge, creative problem-solving skills, business acumen, stamina, and a keen sense of timing, to their fledgling enterprises. And the best of these know how to communicate with a variety of audiences by telling a great story.   A Founder has many audiences that compete for attention—The Core Team, Investors, Suppliers, and Customers to name a few. Each is critical to the success of a new enterprise and the ability to prioritize, communicate with them, and engage them at just the right time, is essential to the success of any start-up. With limited resources, failure to engage with any one of these important audiences at the right moment can be the difference between success and shutting down. Most successful Founders bring a unique combination of drive, determination, product knowledge, creative problem solving skills, business acumen, stamina and a keen sense of timing to their fledgling enterprises.  The key to a successful start-up is solving a high value problem that customers care about and will pay for a level that provides the business outcomes desired by the product owner.  In addition to sound advice for managing your product and business relative to competing products, you must get to know  your customers, understanding the problem along with changing requirements and designing solutions that customers will appreciate. Joining us for our discussion on Are Ready To Be A Founder? is Ryan Frederick  who is on the phone from his California office.  Ryan Frederick  is a Founder and Product person at heart.  He has had the privilege of being part of starting and growing software and service companies.  He has helped companies grow from inception, to viability, through to sustainability.  During the evolution of these companies, Ryan has served on company boards and been instrumental in capitalization activities.  He has also helped companies to expand to international markets.  Ryan combines a unique blend of business acumen and tech knowledge. His latest book is the The Founder's Manual: A Guidebook For Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur  .  Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Ryan Frederick.