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Four Pillars of Intergenerational Wealth Thumbnail

Four Pillars of Intergenerational Wealth

Four Pillars of Intergenerational Wealth

We are discussing actions that you can do to become  a millionaire without depending on a winning the gene pool lottery and luck enough to win lottery.  I want to focus on what I can control but I have been know to try my hand on winning the lottery especially when it is 100 million dollars or more.   We will also talk about strategies that will make your Great Great Grandchildren remember your name?

Wealth is very personal.  I want our listeners or readers to define what Wealth to them?

Wealth is determined by the following:

1. Not by what you make but what you keep
2. More money than the end of the month
3. Consistent Level of investment
4. Investment strategy over a long period
5. Inter-generational wealth - Money that makes your Great Great Grandchildren know who you are

Our listeners are probably wondering about this Intergenerational Wealth.  I would break it down to the Four Pillars for Intergenerational Wealth
1. Proper Management of Wealth
2. Real Estate – Can not pass on a rent payment
3. Business Ownership – Can’t pass own a Job
4. Proper Insurance

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