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Making Better Decisions With John M. Jennings and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio   Thumbnail

Making Better Decisions With John M. Jennings and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

John M. Jennings

How you deal with uncertainity determines whether or not you will be successful investor.  Uncertainity is always in air, so you may believe your success is being challenge.  When equities decline 30%, you are ready to sell.   Now this is the time your advisor should be earning their money by talking to you and discussing the opportunity you have in front of you.  You have loss money on your investment and now you need to decide whether or not are  you going to turn a bad situation into lemonade by harvesting the loss switching to another investment.  By realizing the loss, you are now able to the loss to offset set gains and possibly lower your taxable income by $3000.


Joining us for our discussion on Better Decisions is John M. Jennings from his St. Louis Mo office. John M. Jennings is President and Chief Strategist of the St. Louis Trust and. In these roles, he leads the client service practice and is responsible for developing and implementing strategic initiatives. John is a member of the firm’s Management Committee, on its Board of Directors, and also serves on the Investment, Risk Management and Trust Committees. John works closely with client families, advising them in all areas of wealth management.

Prior to joining St. Louis Trust & Family Office as a founding principal, John gained varied professional experience in investments, tax, estate planning and trusts in the Private Client Service group at Arthur Andersen LLP and in the Estate Planning and Tax practices at the St. Louis-based law firm, Armstrong Teasdale LLP. John earned both his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Banking (cum laude) and JD degrees from the University of Missouri. A past St. Louis Business Journal “40 under 40” honoree, John is a frequent speaker on investment, trust and various other family office topics.

His latest book is The Uncertainty Solution!  Welcome to Mastering Your Money, John M. Jennings.