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Multiple Generation Business with Mark Deo and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio Thumbnail

Multiple Generation Business with Mark Deo and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio

Mark Deo

Family businesses are fraught with conflict, tension and a distinct lack of sophistication. Still some of the most successful companies in the world are family-owned and have succeeded through multiple generations. Now current sociopolitical and economic forces are threatening the very survival of family businesses. It has been cited by numerous credible sources that only 40% of family owned businesses are now surviving to the second generation, 12% to the third, and 3% to the fourth and these statistics are rapidly diminishing. But there are several things that have kept family businesses as one of the strongest sectors of the economy. It is their fortitude, resilience and indomitable will. The secret to saving the fate of family businesses lies in the behavior of the family business leaders. The overriding tenant of this book is that, “behavior precede performance.” If we can positively influence the behavior of family members they will perform at a higher level. They will win more cooperation from others, achieve higher goals and produce more fruitful outcomes. This book examines how impacting behavior dramatically improves performance and can sustain the entire enterprise for generations. Joining us for our discussion Multiple Generation Business is Mark Deo who is calling in from his Cerritas CA office. Mark has worked directly with senior-level family business leaders to help them profitably grow their organizations in nearly every industry sector. His focus is on leadership development, fostering behavioral change and shifting company cultures. A leading advocate of family business he has consistently appeared on FOX television and his articles have been published by Business Week, Entrepreneur, Fortune, CNN/Money and numerous other publications. An organizational psychologist, he is a graduate of Rowan / Rutgers Universities and Keller Graduate School of Management. In early 2019, Mark received his Ph.D. from ASU. He has been active as a senior instructor for Dale Carnegie Worldwide, the largest training organization in the world. His latest book is It’s Not Just Daddy’s (or Mommy’s) Business Anymore Welcome to Mastering Your Money, is Mark Deo .