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New Money Mindset With Willie Jolley and Ed Fulbright on Masterting Your Money Radio Thumbnail

New Money Mindset With Willie Jolley and Ed Fulbright on Masterting Your Money Radio

Willie Jolley

The year 2021 brought even more change, ambiguity and unpredictability than we anticipated. Most of us are ready to leave the disruption of the pandemic behind. We feel exhausted and burned out. Who needs more “resolutions” when we are already at our limit? We need a more mindful and compassionate way to set our 2022 goals so that we are more inspired in following through on them. These seven questions help you to do that.

For many of us, the pandemic has led to deeper contemplation about what’s really important. For some it has led to “The Great Resignation”. For others, “The Great Resignation” is resigning ourselves to a life that is in turmoil. What would it be like if instead of resigning ourselves we found inspiration and thriving in the midst of ambiguity? This is my personal mission. It is to help all of us evolve ourselves to thrive in times of disruption. 

To thrive in ambiguity, we need to shift our way of being present with ourselves and our world. The seven questions below are an invitation to experiment with this new way of being within disruption. It will help you set more inspired goals for 2022. It will also help you find greater peace and flow with whatever is to come, because as we have discovered, our ability to predict and control our environment doesn’t work. Before you start this exercise, I ask that you give yourself the space of time and quiet. Perhaps do this on your favorite couch or in nature because the questions require deeper introspection to touch inspiration.

Joining us for our discussion on New Money Mindset for the New Year and Beyond   is Dr. Willie Jolley who is on the phone from his office in Washington DC office.  He is a multi-talented person.  He is a bestselling author, award winning speaker and singer.  He is also the producer of the mastering your money theme music.  In 1991,  Willie decide to become a full time speaker with less than $200 in bank, a mortgage to pay, a family to support and a dream of success.  He can be heard every weekend on XM radio.  His book is the Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks: 7 Secrets for Going Up in Down Times.  Welcome back to Mastering Your Money, Willie and thank-you for the use of the theme music.