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Personal Branding With Ramon Ray and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio Thumbnail

Personal Branding With Ramon Ray and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio

Ramon Ray

Wikipedia defines Personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to ultimately advance their career, increase their circle of influence, and have a larger impact.[1] 

The process of personal branding involves finding your uniqueness, building a reputation on the things you want to be known for, and then allowing yourself to be known for them. Ultimately, the goal is to create something that conveys a message and that can be monetized.[2] 

Whereas some self-help practices focus on self-improvement, personal branding defines success as a form of self-packaging.[3] The term is thought to have originated from an article written by Tom Peters in 1997.[4][5] In Be Your Own Brand, first published in 1999, marketers David McNally and Karl Speak wrote: "Your brand is a perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you, that describes the total experience of having a relationship with you.

 Joining us for our discussion on Personal Branding  is Ramon Ray , who is in Elizabeth NJ.  Ramon is a successful entrepreneur, in demand, motivational speaker and event host.   He's started 4 companies and sold 2 of them, authored 4 books including Celebrity CEO.  Ramon is the founder of SmartHustle.com and Entrepreneur in Residence at OracleNetSuite.  He’s a contributor to Entrepreneur.com and a host on Breakfast with Champions on Clubhouse  He is the author of The Celebrity CEO: How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive By Building A Community and A Strong Personal Brand.  Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Ramon Ray