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Stocks Closed At A Record High: Should You Worry? - Fulbright Financial Consulting, PA of Durham, NC

The Standard & Poor’s 500 has been repeatedly breaking new all-time highs amid signs of slowing economic growth. With the expansion in its eleventh year, should you worry about all this uncertainty?   (See Video) For the answer, take a look at this chart showing the performance of 13 assets since July 2011.   Looking at returns across this broad array of investments, what stands out is the towering performance of U.S stocks,  An investment in global stocks, excluding US stocks, grew to $1.74 versus the $2.63 on America’s blue-chips.  The U.S. has led the world’s economic comeback since the global financial crisis in 2008. Of course, investors in U.S. stocks in the period following the financial crisis had no idea The Great Expansion and a historic bull market was about to begin. 

They took a risk and it’s paid off.  The economic expansion is the longest in modern U.S. history and signs of slower growth have appeared in recent data.  However, a recession is not on the horizon.  Uncertainty about the future is a permanent condition.

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