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2017-08-27 Improving Your Retirement Cash Flow With Tim Jackson & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Tim Jackson 

Improving Your Retirement Cash Flow

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage insurance allows borrowers, who are at least 62 years of age, to convert the equity in their homes into a monthly stream of income or a line of credit.

Reverse mortgages can provide a valuable financing alternative for qualified homeowners. Any lender authorized to make HUD-insured loans may originate reverse mortgages.

Borrowers may choose from among five payment options: (1) tenure, by which the borrower receives monthly payments from the lender for as long as the borrower lives and continues to occupy the home as a principal residence; (2) term, by which the borrower receives monthly payments for a fixed period selected by the borrower; (3) line of credit, by which the borrower can make withdrawals up to a maximum amount, at times and in amounts of the borrower's choosing; (4) modified tenure, by 7 which the tenure option is combined with a line of credit; and (5) modified term, by which the term option is combined with a line of credit.
The borrower retains ownership of the property and may sell the home and move at any time, keeping the sales proceeds in excess of the mortgage balance. The borrower cannot be forced to sell the home to pay off the mortgage, even if the mortgage balance grows to exceed the value of the property. An FHA-insured reverse mortgage need not be repaid until the borrower moves, sells, or dies. When the loan is due and payable, if the loan exceeds the value of the property, the borrower (or the heirs) will owe no more than the value of the property.

Joining us for our discussion on Improving Your Retirement Cash Flow is Tim Jackson . who is in New Jersey.  Tim Jackson is a licensed Loan Officer with Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC (RMF), it gives him great satisfaction to show people how funds from a reverse mortgage loan could help them live more comfortably and with fewer financial constraints. Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Tim Jackson.

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