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2017-11-19 Family Care With Edward Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Family Care

Family Care is when a member of the family usually a parent can’t do 2 of the six activities of daily living.  The activities of daily living or ADLs are eating, bathing, dressing, toileting (being able to get on and off the toilet and perform personal hygiene functions), transferring (being able to get in and out of bed or a chair without assistance), maintaining continence (being able to control bladder and bowel functions).  When a person can’t two of these functions, it means that the person will need around the clock care.   The real question is how will the person pay for the cost of care.  There are three ways to pay for this care insurance, government and personal resources.   Health Insurance and Medicare will not take of this type of care unless it is less than 100 days.  Most people don’t have long term care insurance.  Most people don’t have enough personal resources to handle cost for a long period of time.  It usually takes a Family working together to care for the loved one.

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