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 2018-12-16 Middle Management  With Nathan Jamail  & Ed Fulbright  On Mastering Your Money Radio     Thumbnail

2018-12-16 Middle Management With Nathan Jamail & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Nathan Jamail

Middle Management

Middle management often gets a bad rap. But for the managers who work in that space between their team and the boss, the importance of their role in the success of an organization cannot be overstated.  One of the most difficult leadership positions in business today is also the most common: the “leader in the middle.” If you lead people and answer to someone else—a boss, shareholder, customers—you are among the millions of “leaders in the middle.”
Leaders in the middle too often serve down to their people and defend up to their bosses, instead of serving up to their bosses and coaching down to their employees. It’s time challenge the traditional notions of servant leadership and learn to serve up to your bosses, serve out to your peers, and coach down to those you lead with humility, selflessness, and confidence.”
Joining us for our discussion on Middle Management is Nathan Jamail who is calling in from his California Office.  Nathan Jamail doesn't just write about leadership, he has lived it, in a 25-year career spent in sales management and coaching top-performing teams. Jamail has led seminars and workshops at more than 60 companies including Cisco, FedEx, State Farm, T-Rowe Price, The Hartford, Comcast, Microsoft, the US Army Reserve, Georgia Pacific, Capital One Finance, and US Healthworks. He is the author of four bestselling business books, and his articles on leadership and selling skills have appeared in the Commercial Appeal, the Drake Business Review, Small Business Opportunities, Canadian Manager Magazine, and Home Business Magazine. . He is the author of “SERVE UP COACH DOWN: Mastering the Middle and Both Sides of Leadership Best  ”.

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