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2019-03-10 The New Tax Laws with Ed Fulbright  Thumbnail

2019-03-10 The New Tax Laws with Ed Fulbright

Ed Fulbright

The New Tax Laws

My goal is always to inform and educate our listeners so you can understand how critical tax & financial planning topics affect you and your family.

Add link for the PDF The Taxpayer’s Quick Reference Guide To The New Tax Law

Today’s topic, of course, is about the new tax rules. We think tax education is important because paying taxes for government services is a core organizing principle of our society. It is doesn’t need to be shrouded in mystery. I also do workshops such as this one because over the years I’ve seen people and families make poor decisions about their taxes, investments, and financial planning. Those poor decisions make the job of any financial advisor tougher because we have to find ways to make people’s savings, investments, and financial plans work harder to overcome the consequences of those decisions.

So that’s why my goal today is to inform you about the wide range of changes to the tax code, so you have enough information to start the process of seeking out assistance on what all these changes mean to you and your own tax strategy. My other goal is education. Taxes can seem complex and jargon-filled, even though the underlying concepts are fairly straight forward. So let me take a second to explain how this workshop will unfold.

We have organized our discussion into four Keys that I’ll introduce you to in a second. Each Key has between two and seven specific tax rule changes to explore. Sometimes I’ll give you a broad headline about the new rule before we look at the specifics of the tax changes. Where needed, we’ll look more deeply at the details and offer some “insights” regarding the implications of any new rule. And then we’ll finish with a clear statement of questions you might want to ask yourself about that new tax rule.

Joining us for this discussion on New Tax Laws  is  Markeith Gentry who is the show’s ________ and makes sure Mastering Your Money is available to our listeners.