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2019-06-09 Career Success with Art Markman & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio    Thumbnail

2019-06-09 Career Success with Art Markman & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Art Markman

Career Success

Few people really understand their own minds or the minds of others.

Over the past decade, there has been increasing attention to what psychology can teach us about work. Research has focused on improving decision-making practices, influencing colleagues, and effective thinking. The problem is, general-interest books on these topics typically include only a smattering of business and career examples, tantalizing readers without providing real, constructive help.

To get a job, prospective employees must understand how employers make decisions when their offices are inundated with resumes. They need to master the practice of getting noticed in this environment and to know how, in an interview situation, to come across as exactly the individual a company wants to hire.

To keep that job, it's critical to understand the basics of mental flexibility. The most successful people in any job are the ones who master the mental challenge of learning every day, and who continuously nurture and develop relationships with colleagues and bosses.  Finally, careers require constant development. At some point, it's crucial to move up or move out, and preparing yourself to do this successfully means addressing a special set of cognitive challenges..

Joining us for our discussion on Career Success is Art Markman who is calling in from his Austin Texas office.  Art Markman is a leading cognitive scientist.  He is the Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is Executive Director of the IC2 Institute.  He is the author of several books including the Smart Thinking and Get it Done Books. His latest book is “Bring Your Brain To Work: Using Cognitive Science to Get A Job, Do It Well, and Advance Your Career”. 

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