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2019-06-30 BulletProof Business Foundation with Brandon Seigel & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Brandon Seigel

BulletProof Business Foundation

Most healthcare practitioners aren’t trained to develop a career as a successful entrepreneur. They’ve built their careers around their passion for health and wellness, not analyzing financial statements and maximizing profits. But if they choose to deliver their services through their own private practice, they’ll greatly benefit by developing a bulletproof business foundation.

Some 43 percent of healthcare-related businesses fail within five years— likely because the practitioners neglected to do sufficient strategic planning on the front end. Owners of businesses that fail often attribute it to bad luck. But frankly, the collapse is likely caused by a lack of preparation and by not understanding the factors that influence the private practice environment.

Joining us for our discussion on BulletProof Business Foundation is Brandon Seigel  who is calling in from his Madison WI office.  Brandon Seigel, President of Wellness Works Management Partners, is an internationally known private practice consultant with over 15 years of executive leadership experience.  Seigel has empowered entrepreneurs and healthcare organizations throughout the World to streamline operations, build winning teams, implement effective business models and ultimately transform their clinical outcomes for optimum success. His latest book is “The Private Practice Survival Guide. ” 

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