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Better Credit with Avery Breyer and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio Thumbnail

Better Credit with Avery Breyer and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio

Avery Breyer

Have you ever worried that your low credit score will cause you to suffer the humiliation of being declined for credit cards, car loans, a mortgage, or even that rental apartment you fell in love with?  What about getting turned down for your dream job?   Having a better credit or credit score can  improve:

  1.  Lower your interest rate on Loans and Credit Cards
  2.  Easier Approval for Credit
  3.  Higher Credit Limits that can increase your credit score
  4.  Easier to Get Approved as a Tenant
  5.  Easier Approval for Mortgage
  6.  Lower auto insurance
  7.  Easier Approval for Cell Phone contract
  8.  Save on Security Deposits for Utility Bills
  9.  Increase your odds of landing a job

Joining us for our discussion Better Credit  is Avery Breyer  who is calling in from her Canadian office.  Avery Breyer is a multiple best-selling author and freelance writer.  Avery has been seen in/on Woman's World and Essence magazines, The Huffington Post, MSN Money, and GoBanking Rates.   Avery is passionate about helping people to take control of their money and create the life they want!  Getting more from life when you're tight on cash can seem impossible. But real change and success happens when you take action every day. Avery's books will help you do that with easy techniques that anyone can implement, starting right now. You'll get the motivation, money saving tips, and action plan you need to maximize your chances of success.  When not busy writing,Avery loves to read and travel..   Her book is How To Raise Your Credit Score: Move To Financial First Class and Have Lender Beg For Your Business  Welcome to Mastering Your Money, is Avery Breyer!!