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Career Intelligence Quotient With Kwame Salter and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio  Thumbnail

Career Intelligence Quotient With Kwame Salter and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio

Kwame Salter

Unless you’ve given up on your career or feel that you have plateaued, the idea of getting promoted remains a driving force behind your day-to-day performance. Conventional wisdom and some empirical data suggest that the first ninety days in a new job are critical in determining if you are going to experience a ‘hard or soft landing’.   One arrives at a new place without the benefit of what I call ‘relationship equity’.  Relationship equity is the value that comes from knowing and working with others. The problem is that ‘relationship equity’ does not transfer to your next company–you earn it.  Again, per research, you have 90 days to start building this type of equity with your new colleagues. In addition to building relationship equity, figuring out how to efficiently transition from the old job to the new one is critical. Regardless of whether the promotion is internal or to another company, the crucial question is “Whose job are you working on?” 

 Joining us for our discussion Career Intelligence Quotient  is Kwame S Salter who is calling in from his Chicago office.  He has compiled an impressive record of accomplishments both in the public and private sectors. Kwame was elected to 3 three year terms on the Madison Metropolitan Board of Education. Kwame oversaw the growth and expansion of the Dane County and City of Madison’s Head Start Program for 10 yrs. He transitioned from this important public sector role to a private sector career with Oscar Mayer Foods, Inc. Kwame’s corporate career spanned 22 years at Oscar Mayer-General Foods and Kraft. During his tenure at Kraft, Kwame was appointed to positions of increasing responsibility in the HR function—from VP, HR Sales & Customer Service, VP Global Functions, Staffing and Diversity to his last corporate position of SVP, HR, Global Supply Chain.

His latest book is Striving While Black; A Playbook for the Seriously Ambitious  Welcome to Mastering Your Money, is Kwame S Salter.