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Career Strategy With Somi Arian and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio Thumbnail

Career Strategy With Somi Arian and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio


It’s no secret that in the age of AI and automation, jobs don’t look like they used to—and the careers of yesteryear are disappearing fast. But today’s post-pandemic job seekers face even steeper hurdles ahead: COVID-19 is hurtling us toward a non-human workforce faster than ever, as businesses scramble to replace vulnerable workers with robots, AI, and automation—a workforce that never gets sick.

Don’t believe it? Retailers like Gap and Walmart are already rushing forces of robots onto warehouse floors. Tyson Foods “hired” robot butchers. Microsoft replaced MSN newsroom producers with its own AI. Across the board, CFOs are doubling down on employee hiring freezes and furloughs, all while maintaining—or increasing—their robotics, data analytics, and AI spend.  “We’re simply not prepared for this rapid-fire implementation of technology or the job losses that lie ahead but by developing four uniquely human skills—ones that technology can’t replicate—we can take control and carve out new, resilient careers sooner than you’d think.”


Joining us for our discussion on Career Strategy is Somi Arian who is on the phone from her London England office.  SOMI ARIAN is a tech philosopher, international speaker, entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker, and LinkedIn Top Voice influencer. Her work focuses on the impact of technology on society at large, the business landscape, and the future of work.   A sought-after transition architect, Arian has given talks and workshops to industry leaders from organizations such as the BBC, The Economist, Marie Claire, Amazon, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Virgin Atlantic, and American Express.  Her latest book is Career Fear (And How To Beat It): Get The Perspective, Mindset and Skills You Need to FutureProof Your Work Life. 


 Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Somi Arian.