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Client Relationships With Paul Cowan and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Paul Cowan

Whether in advertising, marketing or any other service, agencies depend on great relationships with their clients.  But nearly every agency has dealt with client friction and misunderstandings, often without knowing what went wrong or how to fix it.  Before a bad relationship derails a campaign or mars a firm's reputation, agencies and all professional service companies need effective tools to repair the damage.  


There are two kind of problems:  Task oriented and underlying.  Before an agency fixes an issue with a deliverable or a task, it needs to trace the issue to its root – the relationship with the client.


Joining us for our discussion on Client Relationships     is Paul Cowan     who is on the phone from from his ENGLAND office Paul Cowan is a relationship specialist who had a successful career in leading international advertising agencies, then opened his own agency. As a psychotherapist he worked with individuals and couples and consulted with teams and organizations. Specializing in client relationships, he works internationally to facilitate change between agencies and their clients. He cofounded the Client Relationship Consultancy and the Customer Relationship Consultancy.   His new book is Connecting With Clients: For Stronger, more rewarding & longer lasting client relationships  Welcome To Mastering Your Money, Paul Cowan  .