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Grow Your Future With Ramon Ray and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio Thumbnail

Grow Your Future With Ramon Ray and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio

Ramon Ray

While in college, I always thought about owning my own business. I wanted to grow my future or control my future.  In second job out of college,  I had no idea of what it could be.  I thought wanted to be a loan broker doing mortgages or helping people getting business loans.  What I found very quickly that a lot of small business did not have good set of financials and no tax return.  I also wanted help people with their finances but I did not know people who had money.   So moonlighting was helping me develop my plan.  This meant that I worked a full time job during day then worked my business in the evening and on weekend.  Eventually the business grew to the point of where I could go full time and hire employees.

Joining us for our discussion on Growing Your Future   is Ramon Ray , who is in Elizabeth NJ.  Ramon is a successful entrepreneur, in demand, motivational speaker and event host.   He's started 4 companies and sold 2 of them, authored 4 books including Celebrity CEO.  Ramon is the founder of SmartHustle.com and Entrepreneur in Residence at OracleNetSuite.  He’s a contributor to Entrepreneur.com and a host on Breakfast with Champions on Clubhouse  He is the author of  both Grow Your Solo with Ramon Ray: Grow Your Solo Business and Boost Your Productivity and the ebook Growing Your Solo Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Ramon Ray