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Grow Your Future With Ramon Ray and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio

Ramon Ray

While in college, I always thought about owning my own business. I wanted to grow my future or control my future.  In second job out of college,  I had no idea of what it could be.  I thought wanted to be a loan broker doing mortgages or helping people getting business loans.  What I found very quickly that a lot of small business did not have good set of financials and no tax return.  I also wanted help people with their finances but I did not know people who had money.   So moonlighting was helping me develop my plan.  This meant that I worked a full time job during day then worked my business in the evening and on weekend.  Eventually the business grew to the point of where I could go full time and hire employees.

Joining us for our discussion on Growing Your Future   is Ramon Ray , who is in Elizabeth NJ.  Ramon is a successful entrepreneur, in demand, motivational speaker and event host.   He's started 4 companies and sold 2 of them, authored 4 books including Celebrity CEO.  Ramon is the founder of SmartHustle.com and Entrepreneur in Residence at OracleNetSuite.  He’s a contributor to Entrepreneur.com and a host on Breakfast with Champions on Clubhouse  He is the author of  both Grow Your Solo with Ramon Ray: Grow Your Solo Business and Boost Your Productivity and the ebook Growing Your Solo Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Ramon Ray