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Is Your Digital Transformation Stuck? With Dr. Victoria Grady and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio

There are many ways to be “stuck” in an organization and hold back change. Organizations undergoing digital transformation often miss the mark — but that’s because they’re looking at technology as the solution, not people.   Even for organizations that reopen as the pandemic winds down, the workplace will never be the same: the pivot to remote and blended workforces, the rise of analytics and AI, and other changes have already taken place. Yet many employees and organizations still aren’t ready. 


Joining us for our discussion on Is Your Digital Transformation Stuck?  is Dr. VICTORIA GRADY from her in Alexandria, VA office, She is a organizational experts with decades of experience in Fortune 500, public and private organizations worldwide.. Her latest book is Stuck: How To Win At Work by Understanding Loss.  Welcome to Mastering Your Money, VICTORIA GRADY