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Making A Career With Bill Humbert and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio   Thumbnail

Making A Career With Bill Humbert and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Bill Humbert

According to the Gallup 2018 State of the American Workplace, only 36% of professionals are happy in their jobs. With challenges that have arisen because of COVID-19, and the economic hardships of the economy, upwards of 12 million Americans are out of work. So how do you win the game of the job acquisition? Play it like a winning athlete. Every champion understands they must learn, practice, execute, and repeat. Job hunters with the right attitudes, work ethic, and proper techniques beat their competition.

Whether you are a CEO/CFO; a professional manager or sole contributor; a technology, an accounting/finance, or a sales/marketing professional, the skills you need to land your dream job are the same. 

Joining us for our discussion on Making A Career is Bill Humbert  from his St. Louis Mo office. Nationally known as an engaging speaker, expert talent attraction consultant, and career transition professional with 2 published books (third book soon to be available via pre-sales), 

He has talent attraction experience since 1981, contributing to the success of companies by attracting top talent – and training clients to attract top talent after his engagement is complete. Bill’s talent attraction consultant business is unique within the United States. Bill works with one company at a time and charges a flat monthly fee for recruitment and top talent consulting. Therefore, his clients span many different industries and location

His latest book is Expect Success! !  Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Bill Humbert .