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No Option But Success With Matt Higgins and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio Thumbnail

No Option But Success With Matt Higgins and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio

Matt Higgins

Too many of us are driven by fear, waiting for the perfect moment to act. We subconsciously construct an insidious safety net that becomes our undoing: Plan B.


Looking at those who have triumphed — from business to sports, from politics to the arts — reveals the truth, and offers a template for anyone who aspires to achieve. To make your mark, follow the lead of Sun Tzu and Julius Caesar, all the way to Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi, billionaire Marc Lore, actress Scarlett Johansson, and the dozens more whose inspiring stories are shared in this powerful book: cast away your safety nets, overcome your hesitations, and burn your boats.


Joining us for our discussion on No Option But Success  is Matt Higgins   who is on the phone from his Miami Florida office Matt Higgins was a guest Shark on ABC's Shark Tank is an Executive Fellow and teacher at Harvard Business School and through RSE Ventures, the private investment firm he co-founded, an investor in some of America's most beloved brands. 


A high school dropout at 16 before going on to graduate from Fordham Law School, Higgins became the youngest press secretary in NYC history the 9-11 attacks.   He then helped lead the effort to rebuild the World Trade Center Site as Chief Operating Officer before becoming Executive Vice President of the NY Jets and then Vice Chairman of the Miami Dolphins.   Higgins is currently Executive Producer of Business Hunters, a new show that helps everyday Americans realize   their dream of owning their own business.   Tm


His new book is, Burn The Boats:Toss Plan B OverBoard and Unleash Your Full Potential 

 Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Matt Higgins  !!!