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Power Of Your Network with George Fraser and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

George Fraser


Many people networking is going to an event and obtaining a business card so you can follow  up later to ask for some type of favor.  In my opinion, this is a polite form of begging.  In order to have a relationship of value,  you must give first and expect to receive later.  Networking to a person is better than just networking.    

Joining us for our discussion on power of networking is George Fraser. George C. Fraser is Chairman And Ceo Of Frasernet, Inc., a company he founded some 20 years ago with the vision to lead a global networking movement that brings together diverse human resources to increase opportunities for people of african descent. He is considered by many to be a new voice for african americans and one of the foremost authorities on economic development, networking and building effective relationships. He is the author of several books and the latest is “Click: Ten Truths For Building Extraordinary Relationships”

Welcome back to Mastering Your Money, George Fraser.