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Retirement Roadmap With Don Hurzeler and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Road Thumbnail

Retirement Roadmap With Don Hurzeler and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Road

Don Hurzeler

The road to retirement is typically a long one, with plenty of time to prepare (although most people don’t). The Covid-19 pandemic changed everything, throwing many careers into chaos. Some of us had jobs one day, and then they were gone. For others, the freedom of working from home has opened their eyes to a new, more unshackled way of living.

But eventually, you might return to work, and think the unthinkable…should I retire? Can I retire?

Millions have done it, but the path is difficult without experience, expertise, and a trusty guide. You may ask yourself questions: Do I move near the kids, or do I take the leap to my dream locale? How do I communicate with my partner to make decisions that work for both of us? How much money is really enough to retire in comfort?

Is it possible to rethink how you live now and bring about a more satisfying and rewarding future for YOU? . 

Joining us for our discussion on Retirement Road Map   is Donald J. Hurzeler, CPCU, CLU is a retired executive with Zurich North America.

Don served as CEO of a middle market commercial lines company, president of an insurance brokerage, president of a company charitable foundation, chief underwriting officer and chief marketing officer and has served as a director on numerous company boards. He retired from corporate life in 2008.

Don’s career and life have also shown him that not all progress arrives in the form of a straight line to success. He has dealt with several setbacks and sidetracks along the way. He also dealt with two significant rounds of cancer. Through it all, Don continually describes himself as “One of life’s happy campers.”

An NCAA Division II All-American for track and field and member of the Chapman University Athletic Hall of Fame, Don has progressed from being an excellent sprinter and hurdler in his youth to a self described “painful to watch” marathoner in his more mature years. He is a lifelong surfer, snorkeler and a dedicated risk taker.

Don and Linda Hurzeler have been married since 1969. They have two kids and four grandkids. His new book is Suddenly Retired: A Roadmap For What Comes Next Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Don Hurzeler .