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The Best Retirement Investment: Social Security with Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio

Ed Fulbright

Social Security is one of the best retirement investments available to our listeners.  If you can wait until full retirement age which is 66 or 67 years old.  If you can wait until 70 your social security payment will increase 8% each year from full retirement age.  Now once you reach 70 your social security payment is maximized and you should take as soon as possible.  Many people are afraid that social security is running out of money and you will not be able to get any payment.  This is not true.  By electing to take your social security payment early, you may be short changing your retirement plan.  For most non-government workers, Social Security may be the only guaranteed retirement payment that will keep up with inflation.

Todays show is about The Best Retirement Investment: Social Security is   Markeith Gentry who is the WNCU’s Production Assistant and makes sure Mastering Your Money is available to our listeners.  Welcome back to Mastering Your Money, Markeith Gentry