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Wealth Creators With Derek Bullen and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

A many people have declared it is bad to be wealthy.  Widespread grievances center on the narrative that one-percenters take advantage of the rest of us and don’t pay their fair share. The talk track has gained traction and invited popular political promises from the left to increase taxes on the richest among us. Instead of penalizing wealth creators, we need more of them. They create wealth for everyone, and are necessary to a healthy economy. 


In the grand scheme, wealth creators are not the enemy, they are foundational to the standard of living we enjoy today. People  today are healthier, safer, richer, and live longer because of the wealth creators among us. Our economy isn’t a pie that’s fixed in size — wealth creators expand it. The largest slice of the pie goes to the government, pension funds, retirees, and investors that believed in a wealth creator. After almost all of the pie is sliced and served for the betterment of society, wealth creators get their small slice of what they put forward into the world.  


Joining us for our discussion on Wealth Creators  is Derek Bullen who is the Founder and CEO of S.i. Systems, one of the largest professional services companies in Canada, with thousands of information technology consultants working on projects for blue-chip corporations and government agencies across Canada. His new book is In Defence of Wealth: A Modest Rebuttal to the Charge the Rich Are Bad for Society (Barlow Books, 2022). His latest book is In Defence of Wealth: A Modest Rebuttal to the Charge the Rich Are Bad for Society  .  Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Derek Bullin.