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Wisdom with Rick Rigsby and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio Thumbnail

Wisdom with Rick Rigsby and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio

Rick Rigsby

We have quite a show for our listeners today!! His father was a third grade dropout but produced 2 exceptional sons, one a Federal Judge and the other a world famous speaker and consultant, with the idea of shooting for the stars in their life.   Failure was not a problem in his family  but having small dreams were not an option.   I know many of  our listeners may be wondering what this means.   I believe you have to have big enough dreams that you stretch your mind and body to accomplish something that will make the world a better place and reach your full potential.

 Joining us for our discussion on Wisdom  is Dr. Rick Rigsby. As President and CEO of Rick Rigsby Communications,   an internationally acclaimed speaker who presents to the top companies worldwide. Dr. Rick is also a favorite among professional and collegiate sports organizations. Rigsby—a former award-winning professor—spent over two decades teaching at various colleges, most of those years serving at Texas A&M University. In addition to academic duties, Dr. Rigsby was hired by legendary football icon R. C. Slocum as Chaplain and Life Skills Coach for the Aggies football team

Inspired by a genuine conviction to help people realize their full potential, Rick Rigsby brings a combined four decades of experience and expertise to the set of How Ya' Livin’? This transformative podcast encourages, inspires and challenges people at every level to dream bigger, stretch beyond comfort zones and achieve the impossible! A Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon Best-Selling author, Dr. Rigsby’s books include, Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout and Afraid to Hope.