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2017-08-20 Learning To Think Strategically With Julia Sloan & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Julia Sloan

Learning To Think Strategically:

Strategic thinking has become a core competency for business leaders globally. Over-used and under-defined, the term is often used interchangeably with strategic management. Article after article and leader after leader pleads and ploys for innovative global strategists – not as a mere means of survival, but to compete! So where are these strategists and who are they?

The absence of strategic thinkers is a resounding cry that is echoed around the globe by senior leaders in business, military and government. Most leaders are entrapped in an outdated, industrial-age mindset when it comes to the approach they use for developing strategic thinkers.

Joining us for our discussion on Learning To Think Strategically is Dr. Julia Sloan. who is in New York City. Dr Julia Sloan travels the world - Asia, the Middle East and Europe - consulting and speaking on strategic thinking.  Additionally, she has presented at various conferences in Asia, Europe, the MidEast, Africa and the U.S. Julia
teaches at Columbia University and the Brookings Institute and has guest lectured at MIT and Harvard University (U.S.) and more universities.

Her new book is Learning To Think Strategically: How it is used in Business, Politics, International Relations and Everyday Relationships.

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