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2017-09-24 Great Teams With Rebecca Teasdale & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Rebecca Teasdale

Great Teams

Great teams make it look easy. They create brilliant products, deliver excellent service, and achieve extraordinary results. From the outside, it's easy to imagine that these stellar teams must be made up of extraordinary individuals, or mortals blended together by great chemistry. But neither is true. Great teams are built and maintained with great intention, and can mean the difference between success and failure in any company. The best team has members who ensure each other's success as they work to ensure their own, operate with absolute candor, and value loyalty and authenticity to deliver results, create a healthy work environment, and help companies succeed.  

Joining us for our discussion on Great Teams   is Rebecca Teasdale . who is in Boulder, Co???. Rebecca Teasdale, one of the founding partners of The TRIspective Group, continues her career in executive coaching, team development and organizational alignment. Her twenty-two years of experience combines expertise in executive coaching, team development, human capital strategy, talent management and human performance consulting.  Her new book is The Loyalist Team: How Trust, Candor, And Authenticity Create Great Organizations.  Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Rebecca Teasdale.

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