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Blueprints and Fingerprints with Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio


Today we are going to talk about Blueprints and Fingerprints – How Your Past Experiences with Money Impact Your Financial Well-Being. Blueprints is how you think about money.  Fingerprints is your attitude toward money.  Much of what we form as money habits, our attitude toward financial issues and our patterns are started early in life by the examples we viewed and the personal decisions we made around money.    We learned important lessons about money by the way we grew up.  We addresses parent’s habits and perspectives around money and the impact of their parent’s perspectives as well. Our attitudes and habits toward saving, investing, debt, and giving are also formed and informed early in life.




Joining us for this Blueprints and Fingerprints discussion is  Markeith Gentry who is the WNCU’s Production Assistant and makes sure Mastering Your Money is available to our listeners.  Welcome back to Mastering Your Money, Markeith Gentry

ard Fulbright · MYM 10 - 18 - 20 Ed Fulbright Blueprints And Fingerprints