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Startup Knowledge With Ricardo Jimenez and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio Thumbnail

Startup Knowledge With Ricardo Jimenez and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Ricardo Jimenez

For every Miracle Mop, Bombas sock or Squatty Potty, there’s a Plushky. What’s a Plushky? It’s a stuffed, colorful plushie shaped like a country. For six years, from 2010 to 2016, then Plushky engaged in a relentless pursuit to find the market, customers, distributors, investors, partners and sellers that would make his line of Plushkies the next big thing. 

Given these cuddly plush stuffed toys can’t be found on shelves of any major retailers or on any online marketplace, we already know the ending of this story.   But not every entrepreneur can be a Joy Mangano, Dave Heath or Bobby and Judy Edwards. In fact, nine times out of ten, entrepreneurs fail.

But is it truly the ending of his story or his Plushkies? 

“There are enough stories about entrepreneurs who lived their American dreams, but what about those of us who put ourselves on the line, worked endless hours, did everything we could to give our companies life, and still faltered and lost our money without ever creating a true profitable enterprise? That’s not a story people usually want to hear, but I am convinced it’s important—maybe even more important than endlessly studying Cinderella-like success stories”. 


Joining us for our discussion on Startup Knowledge  is RICARDO JIMENEZ  from his Puerto Rico Office.  RICARDO JIMÉNEZ is a Puerto Rico- and Barcelona-based writer, entrepreneur and active angel investor. Since 2014, he has performed direct investments in over 30 tech projects, including the Ethereum token launch. Jiménez, who was born in Spain, holds an MBA from Duke and is fluent in Spanish, English and conversational Indonesian. He has traveled to 60 countries, visited the Seven Wonders of the World, spent six months at a meditation retreat in Uruguay, and he continues to spend several months every year in the Isha meditation center in Mexico. He enjoys kite surfing in Puerto Rico and motorbike riding the Texas back roads. He is a founder supporter of Yo Elijo, a not-for-profit that supports children and families in socio-economic stress in Colombia in choosing a different path in their lives. 


Welcome to Mastering Your Money, Ricardo Jimenez