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Sudden Career Change with Dr Jarret Patton and Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Doctor Jarret

Sitting in my Durham, NC Office, wondering:  What do you do when your life takes an unexpected turn for the worse? Where can you turn when everything you have worked for comes crashing down and your title no longer serves as your identity? You find your reputation that you have built over a couple decades being damage by false accusations by the legal and licensing systems. Joining us for our discussion Sudden Career Change is Dr. Jarret R. Patton who is calling in from his PA office. Jarret R. Patton better known as Dr. Jarret. He is a pediatrician with nearly 20 years of experience, spent his clinical career taking care of children in an urban clinic and his administrative career as a top physician executive in eastern Pennsylvania. Doctor Jarret now provides transformative relationship advice for hospitals, physicians, parents and children thru education, motivation and empowerment. His latest book is Licensed To Live Welcome to Mastering Your Money, is Jarret R. Patton.