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Generational Wealth Part 2 With Kevin Hicks and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio

Kevin Hicks

The last time we discussed 7 sources of income. They are the following:

  1. Earned Income
  2. Interest Income
  3. Dividend Income
  4. Capital Gains
  5. Rental Income
  6. Business Income
  7. Royalty Income


I am not saying you have to obtain all 7 but it will take focus and determination.  As you might diversify your assets, you can diversify your income sources.  Our guest says you don't have to have all 7 but 4 will do if you want to become a millionaire.



Joining us for our discussion on Generational Wealth Part 2 is Kevin Hicks who is on the phone from his New York, New York office Kevin Hicks  Kevin Hicks is a Partner with Blackman and Associates; a franchise consulting firm, which provides franchise advisory and acquisition services for individuals and companies.  Blackman and Associates identifies the most viable and lucrative franchise opportunities for its clients, with both start-up and existing businesses. The firm provides market research; marketing strategies; business plan development; franchise management recruitment; due diligence assistance, deal searches; acquisition of both debt and equity financing; and strategic franchise growth planning. The firm recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary. His organization operates under the belief that the next human rights frontier for people of color is economic empowerment.  Welcome Back To Mastering Your Money, Kevin Hicks