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Working With Multiple Generations with Bob Fisch and Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio

Bob Fisch

The words Millennial and Baby Boomers are seldom used in the same sentence. Even more rare, as a way to connect the two generations in a show of solidarity.   Today  we will discuss these two distinct generations to illustrate how they can learn valuable lessons from each other simply by listening more closely and sharing more freely.  Baby Boomers are people born between 1946 to 1964 and Millennials between 1981 to 1996.   No artificial barriers should divide the two generations.  If we are to understand each other more fully, we should try to embody mutual values and best practices in how to create an ideal quality of life, how to face the future for mutual enrichment, and how to give back to each other and to society at large.        

Joining us for our discussion Working with Multiple Generations  is Bob Fisch        who is calling in from his Miami, Florida office.  BOB FISCH is the founder and CEO of rue21, which he rescued from Chapter 11 bankruptcy and made it into the largest specialty apparel retail chain in store count with more than 1,200 stores. Known for his bold and successful innovations in value-priced, fast-fashion retailing, he took his company public in 2009 with a fast-track winning streak that included a hot-stock IPO and building to a value of more than a billion dollars. Chain Store Age magazine named Fisch one of “10 CEOs to Watch in 2010” and his distinctive managerial style is discussed in the industry bible for college students, Retailing (National Retail Federation).His latest book is Fisch Tales:The Making Of A Millennial Baby Boomer  Welcome to Mastering Your Money, is Bob Fisch     .