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Your Retirement Journey with Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Ed Fulbright

We’re going to talk about Your Retirement Journey . If you are fortunate, your retirement journey starts when you are in your twenties.  The sooner better.  What I mean is starting the retirement account whether it is a traditional or roth IRA or 401k.  If you earn money in your teens can be an exciting time, if you don't have to  use it to support your family.  Learning to save 10% or more of your earning at any age is an incredible then learning to invest the money in the stock market can make it a great experience.  Not getting yourself in too much debt starting out gets you off to a fantastic beginning on your retirement journey.  Credit card/student loan debt can slow your  retirement journey.  It creates an extra burden that can prevent you from purchasing real estate which can be an important engine in your financial freedom.   Health insurance also prevent you from being able to retire early.


Joining us for this discussion on Your Retirement Journey is  Markeith Gentry who is the station’s Production Assistant and makes sure Mastering Your Money is available to our listeners.  Welcome back to Mastering Your Money, Markeith Gentry