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MYM 2019-07-21 Start Investing in Commercial Real Estate with Doug Marshall and Ed Fulbright

Humans are prone to the herd instinct. Investors are often no exception. When everyone is buying, investors typically buy; when everyone is selling, they sell. In 2009, during the worst of the recession, a group of investors put under contract an apartment that had been foreclosed on by the lender. It took the investors 6 months to find a lender who would finance the property. Today the property is by far one of the best investments of the group. The value has shot up dramatically and the property has become a cash cow. Are all the bargains gone in a high priced market? We don’t believe so, but finding them is certainly more challenging. Anytime can be a good time to buy. But if you go along the crowd and sit on the sidelines with them, you may miss out on the best deals. Joining us for our discussion on Starting In Commercial Real Estate Investing is Doug Marshall who is calling in from his Portland Oregon office. After nearly four decades in the commercial real estate business – including financing, property management, and as an investor, Doug Marshall decided to write a book and share his secrets. He founded Marshall Commercial Funding, Inc., a commercial mortgage brokerage firm located in Portland, Oregon in 2003. Marshall helps clients secure the best possible financing for their rental properties but is most proud when client’s return for help with their next financing request. For the last decade, Marshall has become an investor in eleven commercial real estate properties valued at over $50 million around the Portland, Oregon-area. An Oregon native, Marshall earned his MBA at the University of Oregon. His latest book is “Mastering The Art of Commercial Real Estate Investing ” Welcome to Mastering Your Money, is Doug Marshall.

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